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3CUBA is a strategic brand and design agency that makes companies and organizations move forward through corporate identity. We specialize in creating visual universes across digital and analogue media. Through brand strategy and graphics embedded in big ideas, increase sales and enhance leadership.

Corporate identity

Brand is a noun. It is a verb. It may be about what we do. But overall, it is about what is on the mind—on the mind of the consumer and on the mind of the brand owner. Your brand is what defines you and sets you apart form the competitors. Corporate identity reflects the brand, making it stand out in highly competitive market and creating connection with customers. Visual identity is one of the most important parts of the brand establishment; at 3CUBA we make sure that you will be staying recognisable and visible throughout your journey to [even bigger] success.

Web development

Corporate website is one of the most powerful communication and sales tool in the modern corporate world. It is a reflection of marketing strategy and brand positioning; that is why successful establishment of ones online digital identity is crucial. To be one step ahead you need more than just a good design. Corporate website needs to be engaging and eye-catching, reflecting your brand’s values and purpose. Moreover, it needs to be user-friendly and interactive, inviting your visitors to become a part of the brand’s establishment. 3CUBA helps you create that essential first contact.

Corporate branding & strategy

Your brand is more than just a logo or a name. Your brand is an experience that your clients, partners, and employees get acquainted with. Successful brand strategy defines what you brand stands for by carefully tailoring the messages that you deliver on your website and social network platforms, as well as in commercials, campaigns, etc. Moreover, brand strategy defines the way your employers interact with customers. Brand strategy is crucial in positioning ones brand and creating an image in business industry in order to get the brand’s message to customers.

Promotional materials

Whether you need to deliver a presentation to your collegues, partners, or clients—information visualisation needs to be made the right way. Corporate presentation is one of the most important marketing tools that builds connection with partners and helps scoring contracts. Whether it is PowerPoint, Prezi, or Keynote—the development of a corporate presentation and its template is not less important than a brand’s logotype.

Packaging design

Product package helps to achieve the most intimate connection between the brand and the customer. Whether you are working in the food industry or in fashion, cosmetics or technology—packaging design matters. 3CUBA delivers the brand’s message to the customer, making one enjoy not only the product itself, but also its looks.

Graphic material production

Graphic material production is a crucial step in the corporate identity development. No identity is better that its implementation. When the development of a visual identity has taken place we are entering the world of printing. 3CUBA accompanies every customer in the process of printing, giving your brand what it deserves—the best service.
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